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Updated on May 13, 2014


Every time we look around we can see where someone has tried to or has ended their lives because of dealing with depression alone.

It is not something to play with, depression can and will kill you if you choose to let it. Many of us deal with some kind of depression all the time, weather or not we show it is something else.

You may think that you are ok and you'll get over it, but it will always be there.

For many years now I have walked out into the public eye and they can be real cruel to people like ourselves, mostly because they don't know how to deal with us. Understanding what a transgender is, is the first step to understanding us. It is not that we just want to wear a dress, it is that we have to wear that dress for us to live and feel the freedom of life just like everyone else does.

When someone that calls themselves normal dress's up to make themselves feel better is not wrong, so why should it be wrong for us to dress up the way we feel the need to.

I may have been born a male, but I don't see a male when I look into that mirror. I see a woman with an open heart and needing the same love and understanding as any woman would need.

Knowing that I am dealing with depression helps me to try and understand it. If I was to just let myself allow what people around me say, them it would get to me so bad that I would not want to go out and shop or anything else that I have to do to live. I have a friend and my friend tells me that the best way to show them that you don't care is to go on with your life like as if they are not there. Do not allow their ignorance to over come you, because it can and will over run you.

I know very well how hard that can be, because I am one those that hear every little thing that is said. I have been in bad spots because I have said something back. I really hate people that are cruel and discriminating. All my life have have tried to stand up for what is right and ignorance is not an excuse for being cruel or rude to people.

I have more then likely seen more head shrinks than most of you, and they have no clue of what I am or who I am, but remember I live in the deep south of Ga. For the most part people like me should not be allowed to live at all.

I will be 63 years old next month and as long as I have breath in my body I will stand up for the right's of transgenders to live free from ignorant and discriminating people. I have nothing else to lose because they have taken everything from me. In the past 6 months I have had to buy 14 tries for my car and van and I still have a car sitting on 4 flat tries because I cannot afford to buy tries for it. My neighbor felt the need to get my attention, so they cut 14 tries in my yard in two weeks time and nothing was done about it, so if you think that I have not had to deal with depression you are mistaken, At the same time I was being told that I did not have the right to live here and dress as a woman in the front of their kids, but they had the right to call me names and be as cruel and ugly as they saw fit to be.

Like I have said I am not in anyway a perfect person, but I an not that monster that they have tried to make me out to be.

Point is here to be depressed is not something to play with, Try to chat with someone here or in real life, sometimes it can help, they don't have to know anything about being a psychiatrists they just need to know how to listen......

I have been there and still deal with depression everyday of my life, but I can not and will not give end to their ignorance..Walk tall, walk strong for you are not alone.


Written by someone depressed ,yet understanding.

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean......


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Updated on May 4, 2014

Yes for the most part we are all humans and should be treated as such.


There is no difference between you and myself,

the only thing is I wear a dress.


Too many people do not understand and really don't want to try. The ignorance and the bigotry that they chose to show is for more easier for them to do. Hell anyone can discriminate against someone. They do that everyday. Most of those that feel the need to put someone else down is trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. They more then likely have never done anything in their life to benefit anything or anyone so they feel the need to hurt someone with their remarks.

It is a sad world that we live in now, things have not much changed here in the south. The law maker wants to take away our right's to shop where we choose to, yet they still want us to pay taxes. It seems to me, if they don't want our business then why should they want our money.

Maybe we should all get together and try to get them to pass a law about being discriminating, oh wait there are laws against that. Why don't they stop the So called Christians from doing that against us.

The reason they don't is because for the most part, the ones that are making the laws in the first place are Christians or so that is what they call themselves.

It is not that I have a problem with God, my problem is with those that choose to use God as a reason to hate and judge someone else. God is suppose to be a Loving God, not one that hates someone because they live the lifestyle that they do. I believe it says in your good book that if one sins here on earth Only God can judge one for that. If this is so, then why do so many so called Christians try to judge me...
Thank you for sharing my world...

I have a dream

I am Miss Bobbie Jean



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Updated on May 2, 2014

As I sit looking out my window, I am always thinking of the times I have shared with everyone here on this earth. In the beginning there was family and friends that I did share my life with. I worked hard and did all I was suppose to do as a male. That is what society wanted me to be.

I was born in a males body with no say of my own about it, but from the time I was a child I knew that I was different in some ways. I did not like to be with boys, because I felt out of place, I was different and I knew that in school.

I have lived for about half my life as a woman and I never knew that I would still be fighting for my right's to live this way. You would think that over time things would change around you, they have and they are getting worst here in the south.

They are trying to and are doing it, to pass laws that would give anyone the right to refuse me service of any kind here. They call it the right to discriminate in the name of Christianity. They believe that because they are Christian that they can rule this country in the name of their God.

I was always led to believe that God loves all, no matter what we are.

The point here is that I have walked a many miles in my shoes. I have got nothing from anyone to help make this walk easier. I have never asked anyone to walk with me in public if they fear they may be judged. I have stood alone here in South Ga. For the most part. No one is willing to stand with me.

The thing is here it is easier for them to be (BIGOTS) then to try and understand what I deal with in my life.


I really wanted to have the picture say.




But I did not want to offend the Bigots of the world.


You need to understand that the choice's that you will make are your own choices. You can blame your mistakes on others but they are your mistakes, you have earned them. Make sure that what you do is right for you. Not someone else. We can stand here and tell you, sure dress up and walk out into the world, but it is your world that you have to walk out into, not ours.

Some people are lucky and live where they can be free and happy living as a transwoman, some are like myself that live in a world of hatred and discrimination and there is nothing we can do about it no matter how hard we try.

Hell in some country's one can be killed for even being gay much less trying to be transwoman.

I can only write about the way I feel and what I have lived with. I don't know what it is like to live in a place where I can freely walk and go where I would like to go. I have never lived in a place free from the hatred of the bigots and their way of life.

I was born here in the south and have lived here all my life trying to make a change. The only thing that has changed here is “ME”


Always remember that you are in control of your life, do what is right for you and always be the best you that you can be, never let them see your tears.............”


I Have A Dream”

I am Miss Bobbie Jean.





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Updated on May 2, 2014

For years now I have lived on borrowed time. 12 years ago my heart Doctor told me that I would only live for about another 8-10 years if I had no stress in my life, lol, I live as a woman in south Ga. Where it is more then likely the worst place I could live as I do.

Times have been hard here and nothing has changed over the years I have lived here. People still don't get the fact that we have no choice in this matter of how we live. It is not something that can be just put aside and be left alone.

Yes you can try to hide it and some of you do hide it well, but in the long run, it is still there eating at your insides wanting to come out. Some of you may go all your lives ,never making that first step out into the public eye. It is easier to hide then to live the truth.

I for one made my own choice and I stepped out a long time ago no matter about the cost. I did it for myself.

Today my health is going bad and it is just getting worst. Every time I go to the Doctors they find more wrong with me, and for the most part there is nothing they can do for it.

I don't feel sorry for myself, but I do wish that I had more time. I write today, not knowing if I will ever be able to write again. It is hard for me to just sit here and try to type as I do, but something force's me onward. Sometimes the words just flow out as I press my fingers against the keyboard. I have written many story's, some may have been good and some not so much, but I need to write down my thoughts.

Many of you are dealing with the choices you'll have to make in your lives as I write. It can only be your choice, no one can make that for you. You may question your friends and family, but in the end it is only your choice to make.

I used to worry about what my family thought of me, but I have found that true family stay's together no matter what, so if you have that, they will stand by you. As for friends, We lose a few and gain a few, If they are true, they to will stay with you. If they don't then they are not worth having in the first place, true friends never judge you.

I guess the point here is that each day you waste by not living your true self is a day that you lose part of yourself. It takes time to become the person that you'll want to be in the end, so stop wasting time and make that change in your live, The first step is always the hardest one, then it is one step at a time.


Remember only you can change your life. Be strong and move on.


I have a Dream, One race call the human race.”


I am Miss Bobbie Jean Living as a transwoman in the south of Georgia. The deep south........


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Updated on May 2, 2014

I am 62 and I have been around for some time. I have tried to teach others around me to stand tall and be proud of who you are. I know that sometimes that is easier said then done, even for me. Many times I have though of throwing in the towel, but that would not be me. I have never run from a fight in my life, even if I lost in the end.

The point here is that you are in control of your life and your life style. You are the only one that can be you.

I know that some of you fear losing the people that you love because you fear they will not understand you or your needs, well I for one, was one of those who lost everything and everyone, because I made this choice. I felt that I had to do this for me and I alone would control who I am. I tried to live as a male and that was not for me. I love who I have become and would not change anything about me. Even though I know that I will never have the chance to become a full woman on the outside, I am a full woman on the inside and that is what is important to me, which is how it should be for you.

There is nothing wrong with having doubts or fears, we all have them. What matters is you, do what is best for you. If it is your destiny to change, you will change in your own time.


Always remember that you are in control, stand tall and free.


I have a dream

I am Bobbie Jean



Updated on May 2, 2014


Just Me Talking Here. 

First and foremost let me say here that I do believe in God and I think that everyone has a right to their own opinion. What I am saying here is the even thought you believe in something that does not give you the right to use it to judge someone else.

Everyday we read or see things about how someone is hurt or treated badly by someone else. It is in man's nature to be crude and to hurt the weaker because they feel that they need to do this just to show how strong they are. Man has done this for many years now. What is wrong is when people use their religion to hurt someone and say it is in the name of their God. God does not tell anyone to bully or discriminate against anyone else, they are wrong to believe this. God is good in all religions and does not want anyone to judge anyone else. The thing is that this hatred has been going on for 2,000 years. Many people have been killed in the name of God. What makes you think that God wants you to kill someone. I thought that killing was a sin. So would your God want you to sin?

Today all across the nation there are laws being passed for any business to discriminate against someone because of their sexuality and they are using God as their reason. What the hell is that? Maybe they should be using the Devil himself, because that is what it seems like to me. Wouldn't it be better to say the Devil made me hurt someone , then to say that God made me hurt you. Get real people, It is not God's way to hurt for no reason. It is not religion that is being discriminating, it is the people behind it. The so called Christians of the world. We need to stop this BS and tell the world that Good Christians do not judge and hurt others because of their beliefs. 

I have seen many kinds of hatred in my lifetime, and they all say it was in the name of their belief in their religion. I know that it is the American way to be free to believe in what you want, but when this belief becomes hate it is time to look at what you are doing. Just think about what it would be like if someone started a Hate Group just to judge and hurt you because of what you are. Everyday you would see or read about someone like you being beat up or killed because of what you are. How would you feel if this was to be. You think that you are only doing what you believe is right for you, Right? But in the eyes of the Hate Group you are bad and need to be hurt. Now you see what it is like for People that only want to live their way of life.

Help Stop The Judging And The Hatred That Is Spreading Across Our Nation, In The Name Of Religion.


Thank you for reading this and Yes 
I do Have A Dream 
I am Bobbie Jean.

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